How to create a Quiz

After you login, click on the button "Create a Quiz".

Review the Settings:

First set a title and optionally add the quiz to a category.

Tab "Order":

- One question per page: By default all questions are shown on the same page.

- Randomize questions: If you want to prevent your students from cheating this might be helpful.

- Max number of attempts: You can change this to "Unlimited".

- Time Limit: Set the time limit in minutes (for example 10). The student will see a countdown in the upper-right corner.

Tab "Feedback / Input":

- Feedback: Displays if the answer was correct after the student clicked the "Check"-button.

- Display the correct answers. If number of attempts is unlimited, the student will have the option to click a 'Show me the answers'-button.
  If number of attempts is limited, the answers will display after no more attempts remain (if this option was checked).

- Case insensitive: Is checked by default, but if case is important (for example German nouns have to start with upper case), then uncheck this.

- Special Chars: See How do I add special chars?

Tab "Visible To":

You can choose if you want to share your quiz with everyone or if you want your students to login. See also Help on Sharing.

Add Questions:

Choose which type of quiz question you want to create.

The textbox and options will change according to the selection you made.

You have the following options: Click on any of the above links for more help concerning each option.

When you are finished creating the first question, you can add another question by first choosing the type and then clicking on the button "Add a question". You can delete questions by clicking on the red cross.

Once you've added all your questions, click on "Show Quiz".

For more information about sharing a quiz, inserting multimedia, etc., please visit our help center.


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